Path to Ownership

Sabkadentist is the topmost dental chain in India. It offers a backbone to the skilled, professional dental experts to practice dentistry by having their clinic with a great reputation, image, proven management, and access to the ongoing success of Sabkadentist.


About Sabka Dentist

Leading chain of dental clinics operating over 100 Company owned dental clinics spanning multiple states and clinics

Funded with over Rs 100+ Crores of Private Equity Capital from eminent Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

Over 10 years Sabka Dentist has served over 10 lakh patients

We employ over 300 dentists and have access to over 250 consultants

Unmatched experience of delivery high quality dental services. Over 10 years Sabka Dentist has a collective experience of treating.

Who can be a Sabka Dentist Network Partner?

Open a New Clinic

Dentists looking to setup up a new dental practice are evaluated and onboarded

Convert Existing Clinic

Existing dental practitioner who want to improve business prospects and efficiencies and willing to convert their clinic

Open Multiple Clinics

Existing dental practitioner who want to scale their business and hence want to open multiple clinics

To Open a Sabka Dentist Franchisee....

What Does Sabka Dentist Offer to the Network Partner?

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